Joie Paré
The Art of Loving Nature

Shy Suitor (2015)


Acrylic on canvas

18” X 24”


Canadian Dollars

Living as rural as I do means having to travel for any major shopping. The closest town for me is an hour and a half drive that follows the Kettle River and traverses a mountain pass. The forests in this area have been harvested for lumber and replanted repeatedly over time making the trees vary in size and species. This particular area had smaller trees planted close together with sparse undergrowth do to the lack of light. There is also a lack of forest floor debris because the trees tend to hold each other up in windstorms when so close to each other making these areas almost park-like.

Moose can be a common sight along this route throughout the year. One such day in September, when nearing some small marshy areas I spotted a cow moose with her young calf crossing the highway. Hoping they would not disappear into the forest, I stopped to take some pictures and noticed an immature bull lingering nearby. They all posed for a photo op about twenty yards from the car. I painted the cow as she was, omitted the calf and young bull and instead, depicted a mature bull with larger antlers. I didn’t want him to be the focus as most moose paintings are of an impressive bull with huge antlers. Instead I tucked him into the trees awaiting approval of his prospective mate. I wanted to show that even tho the adult bull moose is a formidable creature that can flatten a good size tree with one crash of his antlers, he is subdued around a lovely lady he is trying to woo. Even wild animals can be made meek and subdues at the prospect of love.